Bye for now Apple Watch

In summer 2015 I bought an Apple Watch to see what the fuss was about or if there should be more fuss made about it.  I don’t wear a watch normally, I have my phone for telling the time.

So, first impressions were that it wasn’t particularly attractive but it was new tech and I have an iPhone so it was time to learn about it.  I was hoping it would revolutionise my life, get me fit, make me work more effectively or something positive.  I wore it for 7 months, not at night of course as it needed charging.  The main use I found for it?  Notifications, my phone is usually on silent so the haptic notifications were good to let me know if I’d missed a message, meeting or call.  These notifications also made me feel quite rude to people I was talking to when I’d receive a haptic notification and subconsciously look at my watch, making the person I was conversing with think it was time I had to leave.

7 months later and I sold it, I just didn’t need it.  A few days later, my wrist does feel empty and I am missing notifications for a while but life <> revolutionised.