Clam XAV Mac Anti-Virus No Longer Free, Hello Avast

I’ve been a personal user of Clam XAV for many years, in fact I think I donated in the distant past.  I didn’t give it a second thought today when it asked me if I wanted to update to the latest version so I was surprised when it then told me that Clam XAV is no longer free and that I had to buy it although “it looked like I had made a donation in the past, so I could have a free personal licence” (on all three of my Macs?), then it couldn’t find my details as I’ve probably changed my main email address many times since then, so I had to buy it three times for three machines.

Now I understand that companies cannot give away free things forever, there needs to be a revenue stream, however when there are free alternatives, it is a strange move to do this to loyal customers who have donated.  So the king (Clam XAV) is dead, long live the king (Avast).