Google Chromecast, BBC iPlayer and Apple TV

I received a month ago, in the UK, a Google Chromecast.  I should mention before I begin that I already have an Apple TV.  There are lots of blogs about how Google Chromecast streams media to your TV, if it has an HDMI port, however, and maybe I didn’t research widely enough…

The primary reason I bought it was to use BBC iPlayer, having read online about how great it was for this, as this is currently not possible on Apple TV.  My incorrect assumption was that I could buy this in the UK then carry it abroad with me and be able to use the same services as in the UK, as it was a UK device.

Well I was very disappointed.  All I could was stream content to my TV from my Google Chrome browser, which is on my Mac.  Therefore I can do this already using Airplay on the Apple TV, or an HDMI cable.  Getting to my real reason for trying the Chromecast, it is not UK specific, so please please please don’t buy it for this reason.

I gave the Chromecast away as a gift to someone without Apple TV who never travels outside the UK and they think it is great for wireless streaming.