I was just about to leave DropBox

I’ve been paying for 200GB on DropBox for two years now at $199/year.  I use about 90% of my available space.  I also paid for PackRat, their unlimited undo service, just in case of a disaster.  I really need about 2TB to hold all of my data but that was too expensive (plus my hard drive wouldn’t hold it all anyway).

When Google Drive announced their 1TB of data for around $100/year, I intended to move away from DropBox so I started to trial Google Drive and Copy.

Both systems are just as good as DropBox however I discounted Copy fairly quickly as I wasn’t reassured enough that it had major backing for reliability and performance.

I decided to move to Google Drive before my next DropBox renewal.  I installed the Google Drive apps and started using it to make sure I could work with it.  It was in every way as good as DropBox so I set sail in that direction.

Then yesterday, DropBox announced that they will match Google’s pricing on data storage and today colleagues were stating that their DropBox Pro accounts that were 100GB had been upgraded to 1TB already.  That was great to hear so I checked my 200GB account – no upgrade to 1TB (yet), you’d think that by paying more you’d be more important and would be upgraded more quickly, it seems not.  So DropBox, I am waiting for my upgrade before I decide whether or not I am staying with you…

And I’m waiting to see the reactions of Google Drive, Microsoft and Apple…