Microsoft Lumia 535 v iPhone 6 Plus (Seriously)

It may seem like a strange comparison, but today I was forced to do it.  My iPhone 6 Plus developed a fault and as the only warranty service is at least a couple of hours away from my location, I had to mail it in.  As a result I didn’t receive a temporary replacement and it’ll take at least 14 days before it is returned.

I planned to use my iPad (with WiFi only) in its place while it was being fixed, after all I really don’t use the phone.  After 24 hours I realised this was not feasible, not due to the phone, but due to wifi being less available than I thought and text messages, without the iPhone, even some iMessages were not getting through – possibly my bad for not bothering to set it all up right.

As a result I went to a local IT store and looked for the cheapest smartphone I could find to tide me over.  All I was concerned about was text and other instant messages and the ability to check email.  There is was, a bright orange Microsoft Lumia 535 in the specials bin, job done.

I knew I would be bitterly disappointed with the screen, the speed and the quality.  Without a doubt, I knew it.  I’d been a Microsoft devotee since DOS in the eighties, it had my loyalty until I started getting asked about Apple Macs, so I got one and ran Microsoft Windows on it using Parallels.  In the beginning, I hardly used OSX as I found it clunky and slow to use due to my own Windows skills.  Slowly over a couple of years I got used to OSX and today I rarely visit Windows.  What lost it for me was Windows 8 (lack of start button, really horrible metro on the desktop removed productivity) but that’s a topic for another blog post.

Imagine my surprise when the cheap, poor quality and dim screened phone was setup in 5 minutes, had some really nice  features:

  • Dual-Sim, you can concurrently use your personal and your work SIM cards
  • Apps/today on the lock screen – weather, facebook photos, you name it
  • People – what is happening online with your contacts

Yes the screen is a bit dim compared to the iPhone 6 Plus and the app ecosystem still wouldn’t attract me away from Apple, but I am impressed with this cheap little smart phone.

I appreciate that this blog post falls completely under the category of #firstworldproblems